Anonymous Card

An excellent solution for anyone seeking to maintain anonymity by loading the card with a one-time sum of up to ILS 1,000 without providing any identifying details. It can be purchased and loaded in the official points of sale and used to shop online or in any store that accepts credit cards, keeping the money safe and sound. The card is an excellent solution for parents who wish to load a predetermined amount of money for their children so they can safely shop online without the risk involved in unsupervised use of a credit card.The card can also be utilized as a gift card for friends and family, acting as a safe and convenient substitute for cash.

 Allowance for daily expenses for overseas travel

An efficient card that saves costs and makes life easier both for employers and employees alike. The employee is not required to invest any of his own money to cover expenses, and there is no need to calculate reimbursement upon his return to Israel. The company saves paperwork and the need to separate private expenses from company expenses in order to issue a reimbursement. The card is personal and can be used by the employee on future trips, once reloaded.

  • Renting a car or checking out of a hotel is made simple and efficient without requiring the employee to use private funds or the employer to make advance payments.
  • A variety of benefits are included with the card, such as loyalty programs, etc.
  • It is possible to produce reports organized by categories (purchases, event and conferences, accommodation, etc.).
  • It optimizes the safety and convenience of using the funds. (The card is restricted to the preloaded amount.)
  • The card may be used wherever credit cards are accepted.

 Payroll Card

Workers in many companies in the marketplace do not have bank accounts. Loading their salary directly onto personal cards under their name allows the employers to make secure, documented and monitored salary transfer with a considerable financial savings and much less red tape.

The card acts as an effective substitute for a bank account. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to maintain full privacy, while having full control over his or her personal budget.

The card can be used in any business that accepts credit cards. Its numerous advantages benefit employers as well as employees who receive their salary through it.


Advantages for the Cardholder

  • No need for a bank account. The card acts as an account substitute for any purpose, allowing transactions such as deposits, cash withdrawals, transfers to the card, and transfers from the card to another card or to a bank account.
  • For a reasonable fee, it is possible to transfer funds from card to card or to a bank account.
  • Membership in loyalty clubs as well as eligibility for discounts and cash-back benefits.
  • The card is accepted in any place that accepts credit cards in Israel and worldwide, both in physical stores and in websites.
  • Significant savings in conversion commissions when shopping internationally.
  • Cash withdrawal from any ATM machine in the world.
  • The card offers command and control of expenses, and prevents going into the red by allowing purchases only up to the balance remaining on the card.
  • Like credit cards, the card is significantly safer than carrying cash, with the regular limitations.
  • A user-friendly application enables the card holder to view and execute transactions.

Advantages of the Card for Employers

  • The card is an efficient, convenient, monitored and safe solution for transferring salaries, reimbursements and holiday gifts.
  • It is easy to load, saves a tremendous amount of time, paperwork, errors, administration and manpower.
  • A user-friendly system monitors card loading.
  • It is a simple and convenient solution for depositing additional funds for services, incentives, gifts and miscellaneous expenses.
  • The card is a benefit for employees and raises their social status - satisfied workers are what every organization aspires to. Happy workers lead to a profitable organization.
  • This brands the employer as reliable, serious, progressive and innovative, with concern for their employees' welfare.

 Card for overseas travel

International card for use in any businesses in Israel and worldwide that accept credit cards. The card is safe, cheaper to use than foreign currency, and offers its user considerable savings on regular expenses and currency exchange costs as compared with other payment solutions.

Bon voyage and don't forget your prepaid card!