Dear client,
We are pleased to introduce you to our new Money Transfer Service, in cooperation with
the world's leading companies.
With the click of a button the money is transferred easily and securely without leaving your
house or wasting time going to the Change store.
Transfer the money directly from your mobile phone and significantly improve your quality
of life! All you have to do is simply sign up for the service and transfer the money after
receiving your salary into the KESSEF CARD.
Benefits of money transfers directly from the card:
Maximum comfort and full transparency
Transfer money directly from your mobile phone
No need to use cash anymore - your money is safe
Time is money. No need to travel to the city, or withdraw money from the ATM, everything is done within 2 minutes directly from your mobile phone
Your money is safe and secure - transferred directly from the card.
By properly using your smart card, you can now efficiently manage your family budget just
as millions of families worldwide.
Contact us today and we will help you to easily and innovatively transfer your money:
Customer service in your language: 072-2556655