Qcard prepaid

            Imagen Cards - prepaid card solutions for those without a bank account or credit card


Payroll Card

Imagen provides Mastercard's international reloadable cards, as a solution to employers whose employees have no bank account and who receive their salaries by checks or in cash. The Card is Issued by Bank Of Jerusalem, the first bank in Israel that issues cards, allowing employers pay salaries in an easy and safe way.
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Allowance for daily expenses for overseas travel

Kessef Cash Card’s gift card is intended for various uses, such as holiday gifts for employees, a gift for special events and/or any other use. The card is international and allows for purchasing both in physical stores and on the Internet. The card may be used to withdraw cash from any ATM in Israel and overseas.
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Card for overseas travel

Kessef Cash Card cards are honored wherever credit cards are honored, in Israel and overseas. The cards are convenient to use and are much safer than using cash .
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Anonymous Card

An excellent solution for anyone who is interested in safeguarding his privacy and loading the card with up to NIS 1,000 without having to identify himself.
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Wire Transfers

With the click of a button, holders of the Kessef Cash Card card can make low-cost transfers of money from card to card, using a handy and user-friendly application. For the first time, they have a significantly convenient, efficient and inexpensive means to carry out their financial transactions. The cardholder does not have to leave home to find transfer points, and instead can execute the transfers on his own on any day at any hour. The receiving cardholder (like the transferring cardholder) can withdraw the money from any ATM, or use it to make purchases in any business in Israel or across the globe.